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So I have Type 1 Diabetes. DiabeticsUnite. If you want to find out anything else go to my About Me page.



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My reaction when a nurse asked me if this was my first time having blood work done.



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Someone today freaked out because my insulin ‘smells like hospital’. This was to the point where they had to move to the other side of the room so they couldn’t smell it. OH I”M SORRY, i’ll just stop taking that for you…. ya know, not like I have to deal with the actual needle that smell comes out of everyday.

So sorry for the inconvenience.

Say whaaaaat?


Some woman at work today told me I shouldn’t be checking my blood sugars in front of customers. Let me just say, she saw nothing all she heard was my manager making a joke about it and telling her we were seeing what our levels were as i’m diabetic. Shit would have gone down if she hadn’t have…


When people ask you what they do if you pass out from a hypo and their first suggestion is, “ILL JUST GIVE YOU SOME INSULIN!”


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For all diabetics out there, it will get better! It always gets better! We need 2 stick together:)

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